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8 Best Clipping Path Service Provider Companies

Are you looking for a clipping path service provider company that can offer top-quality services without any hassle? We have compiled a list of the 8 best clipping path companies with outstanding public reputations and a global track record of excellence.

The demand for Clipping Path services is increasing day by day, and there have been thousands of clipping path companies launched in the recent few years. However, only a few companies, like, are able to provide high-quality service.

How do I choose the best clipping path service provider?

Take a look at their website for a free trial option. Most clipping path companies offer free trials. Submit a few images with your requirements, and they will return your images within a few hours. 

After receiving your images, check the quality of the clipping path. If everything goes well, ask them for pricing, and don’t forget to mention the total number of images that need clipping. When you want to place a bulk order, they will definitely try to reduce costs.

List of the 8 Best Clipping Path Service Providers

1. is a top London-based clipping path company. They offer clipping path services with a 100% quality guarantee, and I was pleasantly surprised to see their budget-friendly pricing list. They provide competitive prices that can save you up to 30% compared to other clipping path service providers.

If you require an urgent clipping path service within a short time frame, is your best option. Their standard delivery time is 24 hours, and they also offer 12 and 6-hour rush delivery options for urgent jobs. offers a wide range of photo editing services, including clipping path, background removal, photo retouching, color correction, image masking, shadow creation, ghost mannequin effect, etc. Additionally, they provide free cropping and resizing.

2. Hello Edits

Hello Edits is a trusted and reputable clipping path company that offers 100% image security and a quality guarantee. With a team of over 150 senior graphic designers, they are capable of delivering up to 4000 images in a day. They have an excellent public brand reputation in the field of clipping path services.

If you are looking for a clipping path service provider with excellent customer support and a commitment to meeting deadlines, Hello Edits is the perfect choice. They consistently meet their deadlines and fulfill client requirements. Hello Edits offers a wide range of photo editing services, including clipping path, photo retouching, invisible ghost mannequin service, drop shadow, image masking, color correction, background removal, and raster to vector conversion.

Hello Edits offers a generous 35% discount for bulk orders, with a starting price of just $0.29 per image, making their services both affordable and high-quality. To qualify for the 35% discount, you’ll need to place an order of at least 1000 images. Their trustworthiness is evidenced by their partnerships with major clothing companies like Next, Nike, GAP, and many others.

3. Clipping Path Shop

Clipping Path Shop is another top company that provides clipping path services on a global scale. They employ Photoshop experts to edit each image, ensuring a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you require model retouching or product photo editing, Clipping Path Shop is the ideal choice for your needs.

They offer clipping path services at an affordable rate, with standard delivery times of 12 and 24 hours. Clipping Path Shop is the best choice for regular use. They offer significant discounts for regular clients, and you can make monthly payments after the work is completed. This is a truly amazing feature they offer to save time and ensure their clients are comfortable with the payment process.

4. Path Edits

Path Edits is one of the most experienced companies with a team of senior designers. They have been providing clipping path services for over 15 years. They recently changed their company name from Clipping Path India to Path Edits.

Path Edits is known for offering top-quality clipping path services and has earned a great reputation on Trustpilot. Additionally, they provide competitive pricing for their clipping path services. They offer a wide range of photo editing services, including clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, ghost mannequin, shadow creation, and multi-clipping path.

5. Uk Clipping Path

UK Clipping Path is a company that specializes in clipping path and e-commerce photo editing. They offer pixel-perfect hand-drawn clipping paths and 24-hour support service with a quality guarantee. They began their journey in 2010 and officially registered their business in 2017. They are another UK-based clipping path company with a production house located in Bangladesh.

UK Clipping Path offers several photo editing services, including clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, jewelry retouching, ghost mannequin, background removal, and shadow creation. Their starting price is just $0.49 per image, and they offer a free trial for up to 5 images.

6. Pixelz

Pixelz is an AI retouching and clipping path company. They have designed a user-friendly dashboard where you can upload your images and specify your requirements. Approximately 60% to 70% of the work is handled by AI, and later, human experts review the images to ensure the final quality meets their clients’ standards.

What’s impressive is their incredibly fast rush delivery option, which guarantees delivery within just 1 hour. They process a staggering 40,000 images daily, making them a reliable choice for high-volume projects. Pixelz focuses on editing ecommerce photos and does not provide editing services for wedding or pet photos. Their starting price is $0.95 per image.

7. The clipping path service

The Clipping Path Service is another top clipping path company that excels in handmade exceptional clipping path services. They also offer advanced services like 3D product design and video editing, which are skills provided by only a few clipping path companies. The Clipping Path Service offers affordable prices, with a standard delivery time of 24 hours. Their customer service is excellent, with an average response time of 10 minutes for a quote request.

The Clipping Path Service guarantees data safety, similar to Hello Edits, and offers discounts on bulk orders. They provide services such as clipping path and background removal, image masking, 3D design, video editing, ghost mannequins, and shadow creation.

8 Clipping Path Center

Clipping Path Center is a cost-effective professional clipping path company that offers flexible pricing and quick turnaround. With more than 150 Photoshop experts, they have been providing services in this field for over ten years. Their daily capacity is 4,500 images, and they offer a 40% discount for bulk orders.

Clipping Path Center offers a wide range of photo editing services, including clipping path, multi-clipping path, background removal, ghost mannequin, image masking, photo retouching, drop shadow, and color correction.

Final Words

Clipping path is an important service, especially needed for eCommerce product editing. If you get a pixel-perfect clipping path for your product images, it will help maintain professionalism and a realistic vibe when you replace the background or edit a part separately. So, clipping path plays an important role in photo post-processing. Choosing the right clipping path company is a tough task, which is why I have compiled this list.

You can use the services of any company from the list above; they are all professional clipping path companies. Whether you are a photographer or retailer, you can place an order for clipping path or photo retouching with any of these companies.

My recommendation for clipping path services would be, and for photo retouching and invisible ghost mannequin services, Hello Edits is the best choice.

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